Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Welcome back Tommy

Hello hello!

Gosh! There is so much happening at the centre that if it wasn't for all the playing and sunbathing I’ve got to do I’d be writing this blog every day!

TommyNot long ago we were reunited with Tommy. He was a centre dog back in 2005 and was adopted by a loving family along with centre dog Foxy. They both went to the family home in the town of Calangute and, whilst Foxy had no problems settling in among the other dogs in the neighbourhood, Tommy was facing problems. In spite of (or perhaps because of?) his gentle nature the other dogs gave him such a hard time that his new owners felt it was not safe to keep him there. Furthermore Tommy, who was used to having his freedom from his time at the centre, made a habit of wandering around and on to other people's properties and even into local hotels and the residents were starting to lose patience with him. Luckily Tommy's new owners also have a farmhouse in the country so they moved Tommy there in the hope that he would settle in and be happy there.

For a long time things were going great for Tommy. He filled his day playing with other dogs on the farm and guarding the property and livestock. Recently however Tommy's family sold the farmhouse and, although the new owners initially agreed to keep him, they soon became unhappy with Tommy's habit of swimming in dirty water and dragging his mud around the house afterwards!

Tommy, me Olive and StellaWhen Tommy's owner called International Animal Rescue for help it was with a heavy heart because he really cared for him. But he could not bear the embarrassment of constantly having to defend Tommy's behaviour, both in his neighbourhood and at the farm. It was therefore agreed that Tommy should go back to being an IAR centre dog. After all, here the tolerance for our strange behaviour is without limits. It doesn't matter if we roll around in cow dung or run around barking. Here anything goes, which is what makes this such a great place to be.

Lots of cuddles.

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