Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Dr Astrid gets the point after cat Mitsy swallows a needle!

Hello everyone!

After my last shocker of a story I think it's time for something a little less heartbreaking and with an instant happy ending. It is about another cat which ran into a bit of misfortune. Gosh, I'm so glad I’ve been born a dog! These cats just seem to be followed around by bad luck these days!

Mitsy the catThis cat, Mitsy, was unlucky enough to somehow manage to swallow a needle! No one knows how the needle got into her throat but luckily she was brought to the centre before it had done too much damage. Dr Astrid was on duty and she immediately took an x-ray of Mitsy's throat to assess the injury. Her initial assumption was that the needle would have to be surgically removed so she got herself ready to start the procedure.

Mitsy the cat under anaestheticMitsy was sedated and before commencing the surgery Dr Astrid put her fingers inside Mitsy's throat to see if she was able to reach the needle. As she did this she actually managed to catch the needle and pull it out without causing any trauma to Mitsy's throat and Mitsy has now made a full recovery without having to have an operation. Lucky for Mitsy - that must surely have cost her one of her nine lives. Let's hope she's not as careless with the rest of them!

Bye for now!

Love Olive x