Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Stella and Amelie get the Animal Tracks treatment

Hello dear friends,

Stella loves being cuddledPlease say hello to Stella and Amelie, two patients at Animal Tracks who have been with us for a while. Poor Stella had an accident and broke her leg but luckily someone saw her hobbling around and called our number. Stella was brought in and had to undergo some really clever orthopaedic surgery to mend her broken bone. The healing process for this kind of surgery is very long so it is very important that patients who have to be with us for several weeks receive lots of special care and attention. Luckily many volunteers come to the centre to offer their company to the dogs. Those like Stella who cannot be walked are cuddled and given treats and Stella soon settled in and became very friendly with everyone. She is now almost ready to go back to Arpora where she came from and be reunited with all her friends there. Naturally, she has also been sterilised and vaccinated against rabies so her future life can be happy and trouble free.

Amelie is looking for her forever homeAmelie was brought in from Candolim. She was fit and healthy…a little too fit and healthy because she was chasing and killing chickens and piglets in the village, much to the distress of the local residents! Once someone tried to catch her but she got frightened and bit the person and that was the last straw for the villagers. They called the IAR office and asked for Amelie to be removed. Situations like these are always difficult because we dogs cannot simply be moved from one area to another. Stray dogs are very territorial and will fight a newcomer to the death if necessary. Hence Amelie was brought to Animal Tracks where her temper was assessed to decide what further action was appropriate. It turns out that Amelie is actually a very sweet and active dog and without a doubt if given to the right home a perfect guard dog and playful friend. She is currently waiting for such a home to be found and in the meantime staff and volunteers make sure she gets lots of attention and stimulation. I hope to write and tell you soon that a good home has been found for her.

Bye for now!

Olive x

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Update on Pinky and Perky

Hello everybody!

I thought I'd take the opportunity today to give you a brief update on our two friends Pinky and Perky who have been with us at Animal Tracks for quite some time now.

Pinky and PerkyThese two pigs were reared as babies by a couple living in Goa but they were forced to give them up owing to circumstances beyond their control and brought them to the centre in the hope that a new home could be found for them. Well, more than one year has passed and they are still with us and have become part of the team here. They have had their very own pen built for them where they laze about all day and visitors love popping over to say hello.

As time goes by it is going to become more and more difficult to say goodbye to Pinky and Perky and all the staff and animals here have become so attached to them that I doubt we’ll ever agree that another home is good enough! Their health is good, they are well cared for and get lots of attention from everybody and they’ve often told me how happy and lucky they feel to have ended up here as opposed to being surrendered to an unknown fate.

Lots of love,

Olive x