Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Update on Pinky and Perky

Hello everybody!

I thought I'd take the opportunity today to give you a brief update on our two friends Pinky and Perky who have been with us at Animal Tracks for quite some time now.

Pinky and PerkyThese two pigs were reared as babies by a couple living in Goa but they were forced to give them up owing to circumstances beyond their control and brought them to the centre in the hope that a new home could be found for them. Well, more than one year has passed and they are still with us and have become part of the team here. They have had their very own pen built for them where they laze about all day and visitors love popping over to say hello.

As time goes by it is going to become more and more difficult to say goodbye to Pinky and Perky and all the staff and animals here have become so attached to them that I doubt we’ll ever agree that another home is good enough! Their health is good, they are well cared for and get lots of attention from everybody and they’ve often told me how happy and lucky they feel to have ended up here as opposed to being surrendered to an unknown fate.

Lots of love,

Olive x

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