Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Fallen Fish Eagle recovers from fracture

Dear Friends,

Alongside the daily work of looking after and treating all us domestic dogs, cats and cattle, the vets at Animal Tracks frequently encounter cases involving wild animals that are in need of help. Numerous reptiles, rodents and birds pass through our gates every year and each one benefits from the special expertise of our highly qualified veterinary team.

Injured Fish EagleTake this young Fish Eagle for example. He was found fallen from a tree, unable to fly because the fall had resulted in a fracture to his leg. He was brought to the centre and it was quickly assessed that orthopaedic surgery was needed. As you can imagine this was going to be a very delicate operation on such an animal! The surgery was successful and the eagle now has to recover before any attempts at releasing him are made.

Being very young the process of releasing the eagle will be gradual and carefully supervised. He needs to learn to fly again and his ability to survive in the wild has to be assessed. The Fish Eagle is a protected species in India and it is common that they use the Western coast surrounding Goa as their nesting area. If all goes well this handsome chap will make a full recovery and fly off to his natural habitat in the next couple of months.

Love from me,

Olive x