Monday, 12 November 2012

What A Difference A Month Makes

Hello my friends
World Animal Day on 4th October every year is a global celebration for human beings to acknowledge their fellow creatures.  It was established in 1931 by ecologists in Italy to heighten the awareness of endangered species. Since then animal lovers around the world identify 4th October as a day to display their compassion and united support for the plight of all animals, whether they be companions, support, or simply wild creatures in need of our protection.
World Animal Day is an affirmation of our appreciation of how all animals enhance the lives of us humans.
Ironically a young male German Shepherd was found by the Animal Tracks team after he had been abandoned close to the rescue centre on 4th October. He was hardly recognisable as a German Shepherd, he was in such appalling condition. He had a chronic skin infection, sparse patchy fur and was malnourished to the point of starvation. Of course as always IAR sprang to his aid and took him into the kennels where he received intensive care and kindness and the nutritional food he had so obviously been without.
Poor Bruno was in a sorry state when he was taken in by IAR Goa
We can never know the torment and neglect that the poor creature suffered before he was rescued but what we do know is that he has found his human. A lovely local man called Gopi agreed to adopt him and named him Bruno. Needless to say IAR Goa will provide the obligatory back up and support and the first year’s free veterinary care should Bruno need it.
Bruno is now recovering well with treatment from
IAR Goa and a new loving home with Gopi
Tragically there seems to be an ever increasing amount of pedigree dogs that come to be abandoned and in similar condition: these dogs are bred purely to be sold as a commodity and satisfy the greed of man. Why breed dogs and cats when there are countless wonderful animals already born? Pedigrees are not nearly as hardy, economical or easy to feed and maintain as the indigenous Goan dogs who thrive on affection and would be your friend for life given half a chance.

Of course Bruno has been saved and his future welfare will be observed but there are countless others out there who are not so fortunate.

Animal Tracks has a constant flow of cats and dogs for re homing, all seeking the salvation of a good caring local home. The photographs of Bruno were taken just five weeks apart and are undeniable evidence of how rapidly healing can occur when we open our hearts to embrace a rescue animal like Bruno.
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Love Olive x