Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Peggy falls for a tall handsome stranger

Hello my friends,

It's been a while I know since I was last in touch - and all it's done since then is rain, rain, rain!

Peggy enjoying the extra attentionIt's mid monsoon now and of course the day to day routines and emergencies at Animal Tracks continue despite the weather. But with so much mud and torrential rain, my friend Peggy has had to curtail her usual manic racing around and concentrate on more sedate indoor activities to keep her occupied and amused.

So whilst spending the wet season mainly lounging around in the office, reception and staff room, a slower-paced Peggy has had time to get to know the latest recruit to the centre dogs: a tall handsome young male dog who'd arrived in a sorry state with a broken leg. Some kind tourists brought him to the centre after spotting him in trouble outside Subway restaurant in Baga. With expert care from the vets and plenty of rest the break soon healed, but then came the problem of not knowing where he'd come from and where to drop him back. The team went back to the busy resort and showed photos of Subway to all the shop keepers and restaurant workers but no one recognised him despite his distinctive looks and stature.

Peggy and Subway playing togetherSo, as Subway had no place to go back to, it was decided he could stay and become one of the very fortunate animals that gets to have a permanent home at Animal Tracks.

This gentle giant of a dog was soon to make an impression on Peggy who is always on the look out for some fun. And as Peggy's special friend, Subway was quickly accepted by the others into the resident pack. Now the pair are never far from each other's sides and spend the long monsoon days with romantic mutual grooming sessions or wrestling around and generally getting in everyone's way as they roll around in play. Subway easily outweighs Peggy but he has the good sense to let her win most of their play fights: she may be in love but she still likes to be the boss!

As for me, I’m just happy watching them playing together: after all they’ve been through, they deserve some fun!

Love + woofs,

Olive x