Thursday, 23 April 2009

Chris and Helen do a ‘Dogwalkathon’

Dear friends

Gosh, it's been way too long since I've been in touch with you all. No excuse is good enough but I guess it has just been too hot even for me to come out of the shady spot I've picked to lie in. Temperatures have exceeded 40 degrees C and, combined with the humidity level... Well there are just two things a dog can do - sleep and eat.

Chris and HelenAnyway, I'm back now and I would like to tell you about two remarkable friends who came to the centre to volunteer earlier this year. Their names are Chris and Helen and they left their old lives in England behind to travel around Asia and volunteer for different charities.

Apart from spending lots of time at the centre looking after the animals, they also spent countless hours driving around Goa promoting our charity and drumming up support. Just before they left they did their famous Dog Walking Marathon. They pledged to walk each and every dog in the main kennels and the overflow kennels in one day. This amounts to around 100 dogs! They set up a donation website and managed to raise nearly £2000 for our centre! What an amazing initiative and effort.

I showed my support by following them as they were walking the dogs in the morning but as the sun crept higher and higher in the sky I had to give up. It was way too hot. How Chris and Helen did a whole day of walking without passing out in the heat is beyond me!

Chris and Helen have promised to come back and help at the centre in the not too distant future and I hope they have some more inspiring activities hidden up their sleeves. It's always good fun when there’s something out of the ordinary happening at Animal Tracks!

Love from me