Wednesday, 25 November 2009

We welcome Peggy back into the family

It has been FAR too long since you've had any news from me but believe me, it's not because nothing has been happening at Animal Tracks. In fact there has been so much going on that I'm having trouble picking out the stories these days!

PeggyLast week an old member of the centre dog gang returned to us. Her name is Peggy and she first came to the centre about a year ago when she had suffered severe injuries following a road accident. She had a badly fractured front leg and a bad wound on her side. She belonged to a local family but the vets agreed to admit her because her injuries were so severe. They had no choice but to amputate the leg and the recovery time was long.

It was prolonged by the fact that Peggy was too active just to sit still in the kennel and wait for her wounds to heal and her jumping around kept breaking the stitches open.

She won the hearts of all the staff and volunteers so imagine the heartbreak everyone felt when the owners announced they didn’t want her back because of her leg amputation! There was no doubt that Peggy had to make Animal Tracks her new home because let's face it... what would the alternative have been...?

She soon settled in as part of the gang and we all took care of her because we knew she'd been through a lot. I must admit I was a little jealous at first. Suddenly I was not the centre of everyone’s attention any more. Peggy was the first real rival to the spot of IAR mascot!

Peggy and friendPeggy soon made Sandy her best friend. Do you remember Sandy? She was the one that got adopted with Sfinx a while ago by a lady in Assagao. The pair were inseparable.
One day a lady from Saligao came and fell in love with Peggy. She had a lovely house and wanted to adopt Peggy. Naturally everyone was very sad to see her go. On the other hand it's always nice to see a friend go off to a loving home. I for one was a little relieved that I could go back to being favourite centre dog with the staff and volunteers but once Peggy left I must admit I kind of missed her.

A couple of weeks ago news came that Peggy could no longer stay with the lady who had adopted her. She had run into some unforeseen changes of circumstances and contacted the centre to ask if she could come back. And of course she could! Even I was excited about the news.

Peggy came back and we were all pleased to see that she was as happy and active as she had always been. She has settled right back in and all the centre dogs - even the ones that have joined the gang since Peggy left - are pleased to have her back.

Love from Olive x