Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A very special patient

Dear friends,

As you are most probably already aware, many different animals are treated here at Animal Tracks in Goa. Most of them are domestic animals such as dogs, cat and cattle. We do however frequently get the pleasure of being hosts to animals of the more exotic kind such as monkeys, birds or even reptiles.

Brahmini kiteAt present we are treating a beautiful Brahmini Kite which was brought in with a serious shoulder injury. He is very young and unable to fly and therefore cannot feed and protect himself. These majestic birds are quite common here in Goa but it's rare that we get to see one up close. All the centre dogs have been warned that anyone who as much as growls at this one to upset him is going to be in serious trouble with the staff, so we all steer well clear. He's kept in a secure area of the centre because he does not only need protection from the dogs but also from people. Birds are very sensitive creatures and when not used to human contact the mere sight of one of the two-legged ones appears as a threat. It's interesting to know that the mental stress of being manhandled – however expertly – can be more fatal to a wild bird than its injuries.

It is currently unknown whether this kite will ever fly again. The vets are treating it and our specialist vet is about to make an assessment as to his chances. If he is not going to be able to return to the wild there is a local bird sanctuary that will take him and provide him with the care and attention he needs to enjoy life. We all keep our fingers crossed for him though because really he needs to be back out there, spreading his wings under the Goan sun.

Lots of love.

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