Tuesday, 10 February 2009

A tale of four bunnies

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Resident bunnyAs I may have boasted in the past we see all sorts of animals at the centre: wild, domestic, big, small ... Recently, no less than four rabbits moved in! They were brought by their owner from the village of Verla and all had sustained bite wounds from local dogs. Luckily the wounds were not too severe and could be treated.

The tricky bit is that the owner doesn't want them back. We have built a nice big pen for them in a shady corner of the centre compound but we hope to find a good home for them in the not too distant future. They have all been sterilised (can't have them breeding like rabbits!!) and ideally we'd like them to stay together as they have been used to.

Resident rabbitsThey are not going to be handed over to just anyone though. These rabbits are active and sociable and they need proper care and facilities. Their pen has to be spacious and their diet sufficient to keep them healthy and happy.

Until the right person comes along and offers a good home for them they'll stay at Animal Tracks. I think they’re so funny to watch with their long ears and red eyes. Sadly for me they are kept in an enclosed part of the compound so I only get to see them when I manage to sneak through the gate behind the staff and they don't notice me. It’s good though because if all the dogs could run up there all the time the poor creatures would be traumatised. Especially by the likes of Boris and Nicky who would just love giving them a good fright.

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