Friday, 6 February 2009

Kitten heaven!

Dear Friends

Although I must say we have a pretty great centre it is wonderful to see how much effort the staff put into always making the place even better for the animals. Having lived a miserable life as a sick street dog myself I know how much it means to feel safe and happy in your surroundings. It is therefore wonderful to see how much focus is being put on the psychological well being of the animals as well as the physical.

Kitten play penRecently we were visited by a couple, Lisa and Jeremy Bunting who came to help care for the animals during their holiday. They had raised a lot of money in the UK for the centre and wanted their donation to be put towards making the centre even better for the animals.

A couple of years ago two outdoor play pens for the adoption puppies were built and it was recognised that a similar thing was needed for the kittens who otherwise had to be inside their cages all day. Owing to lack of funds the cat run remained in the planning stages for a long time but luckily Lisa and Jeremy thought it would be a great idea to put their donation towards this project.

Happy kittenThe work started straight away and within no time the cat run was built and is now in full use. The kittens love having the space to run around and play and interact with each other. They have lots of toys and can also laze around in the shade or in the sun as they prefer. I love sitting outside the run and watching them. The run also increases their chances of getting adopted as near enough every visitor to the centre will see them and they look so much happier and healthier than inside the darkness of the cat house.

On behalf of every one at Animal Tracks I'd like to thank Lisa and Jeremy and everyone who donated towards this project. Things like these really make a difference!

Bye for now!

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