Monday, 26 January 2009

Billie and Bob

Hello hello!

Wow, do I have a great story for you today! Although we witness lots of unusual, strange, heartbreaking, and unbelievable events on a daily basis, every now and again a particularly unusual occurrence brings lots of commotion to the centre.

Billie the BoxerRecently the centre became a temporary home to two beautiful pedigrees who have come to Goa from far far away, namely France.

We do not know their names but I like to call them Billie and Bob although I'm sure that their real names are far more sophisticated, being from Europe and all that. Billie is a female Boxer and Bob is a male Mastiff and both are full of vigour and energy. Sadly their owners fell prey to a terrible accident whilst visiting Goa and are presently unable to look after them. There is a big investigation going on and we have agreed to look after the dogs while this is going on.

Bob the MastiffIt was lucky that International Animal Rescue was permitted to take the dogs as otherwise their fate could have been too tragic to contemplate, but now luckily they can be returned to their owner once all the formalities have been settled. In the meantime they are sure to meet lots of new friends at the centre.

They don't seem to be snobby which some pedigrees are when they mix with us local breeds. I guess that's a good thing but I'm a little bit scared of them because they are so big and boisterous. I do wish them all the best though. Arrangements are currently being made to reunite them with their owner in France and hopefully it won't be too long till they can go back home.

Bye for now!


Karishmeh Felfeli, Sarabande The Glenn Gould Project, Offbeat Radio Dublin said...

Thats great news :-) They do look lovely, and hope they have a safe trip back to France!!

Olive said...

I'll pass on the compliments, thank you!