Thursday, 8 January 2009

All about Khali

Dear friends

Hope you have all recovered after the Christmas and New Year festivities. I am pleased to say that all my friends and volunteers have made sure that all the dogs at the centre have had a share in the joys of the festive season. We've been spoilt with treats and goodies! Lots of volunteers bring out gifts for the centre and all the animals and especially the puppies love to play with rubber chews and choo sticks. If you're planning a trip to Goa and a visit to the centre please remember to check out the needs list on our website. It's packed with ideas of stuff to bring out.

KhaliToday I want to tell you about Khali. She was brought to the centre with two of her friends for sterilisation from Vagator Beach where she was roaming with her pack. She was looked after by one of the local shacks and the people there were only too happy not to have to worry about her having litters of puppies.

All seemed to be well with Khali and she was returned to the beach after her operation but sadly she fell very ill just two weeks after being returned. Two dedicated IAR volunteers who had followed Khali's progress ever since she was brought to the centre the first time made sure she was admitted for treatment but things didn't look too good for Khali. She was diagnosed with distemper and put in quarantine. Distemper is a killer virus among dogs in Goa and once they catch it their chances are slim. Khali however wasn't going to give up and her determination to survive combined with the efforts of IAR staff and volunteers helped her to recover and she was returned to the beach. The IAR volunteers continued the treatment of her for two weeks after she was returned and today she is a happy and healthy dog once again.

Khali's caretakers have followed Khali's progress and have seen first hand the difference International Animal Rescue can make to a dog's life and since their experience with Khali they have recognised the need for dogs to be sterilised and treated if they're sick. With every local resident in Goa who gives their support to International Animal Rescue we get one step closer to solving the stray dog problem in Goa.

Lots of love

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