Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Boxer Fred is down but not out thanks to IAR!

Dear friends,

What is it with humans?? There seems to be no logic or thought behind some of their actions. They start wars and kill each other, they destroy our planet and they hurt the defenceless and innocent animals without a second thought. I know, you are not like that. If you were, you wouldn't be reading this. I am grateful that there are humans like you around to help us when others don't.

Fred the boxerFred here was rescued from the village of Camurlim where he was seen roaming aimlessly around for days without food or drink. It was obvious that he was not a stray dog because first of all he's a pedigree (a boxer) and second he was too distraught and stressed out by being on his own like that. Local villagers were worried that he might do something crazy in his desperation and they could see he needed help so they called IAR.

Two boys went out to catch Fred and they had no trouble getting him in the ambulance. He was weak and wounded and emaciated and only pleased to see a friendly face. When the party arrived back at Animal Tracks Fred was examined and the vets discovered a maggot wound on his paw and they established that he was malnourished and underweight. Whether this was because he had been on his own for too long or because he had been neglected by his owner remains unknown. One thing is certain though. The owner did not look after his dog and he is responsible for Fred's state through and through. Perhaps Fred got sick and the owner abandoned him to save the vet bill. Perhaps the owner was a foreigner who left Goa without a second thought for the animal he was leaving behind. Who knows? The main thing is that Fred is in good hands now and he is being treated for all his ailments. He has already put on some weight and a member of staff is going to adopt him once he's well enough to be discharged.

In the meantime Fred is enjoying lots of attention from staff and volunteers and he likes playing with us too.

Woofs from me, Olive x

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