Monday, 22 March 2010

The curious incident of pup Penelope and the plastic jar

Hello everyone!

The season in Goa is slowly drawing to an end and although there is still around one month left till the last charter flight takes off from here there is a noticeable drop in tourists now. It's getting hotter and more humid every day and it's harder to find a place to cool off. I've still got my designated spot in the visitors' toilet reserved for me so I'm ok.

Penelope before the jar was removedWe see a lot of peculiar things at Animal Tracks but some things are more odd than others. Take this little puppy for example. She was named Penelope and was brought to the centre with her head stuck inside a plastic jar! The report came from a local man called Sakshi who had seen Penelope running around distraught and trying to get the jar off her head. He did not know how the jar had ended up on her head, only that she was unable to get it off.

When our staff arrived on the scene, catching Penelope proved to be a more challenging task than first anticipated. She was running like mad but the boys knew that leaving her in that state was not an option. She would no doubt eventually suffocate from the heat combined with the stress and the restricted supply of oxygen.

Penelope after the jar was removedIn the end Penelope was too exhausted to keep running and the boys caught her and brought her to the centre where the vets removed the jar. You would have thought she would have welcomed this effort but she was kicking and yelping like there was no tomorrow. I tried to explain to her that she was in good hands but she was having none of it.

Once free of her plastic prison Penelope settled down and took some time to eat and rest. She was kept in for a couple of days for observation to check that she hadn’t suffered any trauma from her ordeal. Sakshi, who had been around to witness the whole story unfold, had become so attached to Penelope that he came to visit her and in the end decided to adopt her as his pet. We were all so happy for her and felt that her bad experience had served some purpose after all. If she hadn't ended up with her head in the jar Sakshi may have never noticed her and she may never have found a loving home to grow up in.



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dog love said...

HI! My toughts about it is that it is fournature as unlike cat in Singapore must find their food to survive and hopping that passers-by will give them food