Thursday, 22 April 2010

How IAR tamed Roger rabbit

Hello again!

Well things are heating up here in Goa. By this I don’t mean that there is any major drama happening, only that temperatures are soaring higher and higher and the humidity is getting almost unbearable. Thankfully no one has challenged me to the spot in the visitors toilet yet, so I’m cool.

Roger RabbitSay hi to Roger Rabbit. He comes from Saligao and was brought by Jason who told the staff at the centre that Roger was either let loose or escaped and that he was found hopping aimlessly around the area.

Either way no owner could be found hence Jason picked Roger up and brought him to Animal Tracks. Roger suffered from terrible mange and had to have lengthy treatment before his fur looked healthy again. Now he's fit to go and the staff here are looking for a good home for him. First however he must be castrated because we do not want to be responsible for a possible situation where numerous rabbits end up in homes where they are not properly cared for. I shall let you all know as soon as Roger has found his new home.

Bye for now!

Olive x

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