Thursday, 22 March 2012

Nano the calf hitches a lift to safety

Hello, hello

Here’s a story of a tiny white calf just a few hours old that was spotted by two local youths in one of the outlying villages.

She was crying piteously and roaming around obviously calling for her mother. This continued for some time and the calf was in a state of panic and would have soon encountered danger, so the kind young men felt they must try to help her. Much of the culture here in India is of the belief that the cow is a creature to be revered and protected – luckily for the calf!

They toured around the locality with the crying baby sitting between them on their scooter and all the time she cried out for her mum. The boys offered her to every cow they encountered on their three hour quest but none was the mother.

Worried as to what to do next, they went to the house of a lady in the neighbourhood who they knew always looked out for any animal in need of help. Luckily this lady is actively involved with animal welfare and has a long association with IAR.

Dusk was falling so for the calf's overnight safety she was settled into the confined security of a bathroom where a bed was made for her and she was fed milk from a syringe. Early next morning it was evident that if she was to survive much longer the calf must get to Animal Tracks where the staff have had experience with small orphaned cattle. But the long journey would have been arduous on a scooter so the baby was gently cradled in the back of a tiny Tata Nano car borrowed for the journey.

On arrival there the tiny calf was warmly greeted by all of us animals and humans alike and every possible measure was taken to ensure she was kept warm and bottle fed enough milk to sustain her.

But, whilst she relished all the attention and affection, the little calf missed her mother so much that we all feared the worst: despite staff and volunteers cuddling and feeding her, she was still not doing too well.

Within animal welfare groups there is a great camaraderie and through friends Animal Tracks knew of a goshala, a sanctuary where cattle can live and grow in a peaceful, natural environment, and where orphaned calves are successfully raised. And maybe there would be a resident cow that would prove a suitable surrogate mum for the youngster. The goshala agreed to take Nano, Animal Tracks staff escorted her on the journey, but this time not on the rear seat of a tiny car but in one of the IAR animal ambulances.

We are all exceptionally pleased and very relieved to report that Nano is thriving and is clearly happy and healthy in her new home. She will remain there permanently in the safety of the sanctuary and maybe one day will help nurture casualties and orphans such as herself who may come to need a bit of love, kindness and a helping hoof!

That’s it for now – until next time ...!

Love Olive x

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