Thursday, 1 March 2012

Madame Muriel

Hello dear friends,

Life for an abandoned pet is always hard but here in the tropical climate ‘breed’ dogs have a particularly difficult time.

Muriel is a Pomeranian Spitz
We local dogs have developed and adapted to be of a more robust constitution, enabling us to survive and thrive even with minimum assistance from mankind - although here in Goa IAR's vaccination and spaying programme has helped thousands of strays to have a viable existence.

Sadly discarded breed dogs do not usually fare so well physically or mentally. Muriel, of Pomeranian/Spitz ancestry, was one such dog and she found herself cast out and alone just before Christmas last year. Luckily Muriel arrived at Animal Tracks in the nick of time: she was very sad and desolate and obviously could not comprehend how her life had changed from being someone's companion to becoming another unwanted statistic. Muriel was probably cast aside because she had developed a chronic skin condition that could easily have been controlled with the minimum of care and expense, but it was not to be.

Muriel was suffering from a skin condition
By the time poor Muriel found her way to IAR her condition was very poor and her spirits low. But with the veterinary expertise on hand and loving care from all the staff and a handful of volunteers – not to mention the concerned attention of her new canine friends - help was at hand.

But Muriel was still desperately unhappy and, as a lady who'd always been able to rely on her looks, she now looked so bedraggled that the chances of her being adopted seemed slim. So once again IAR supporter and dog lover Fionna stepped in and took Muriel to her home to recover with her large happy pack of mainly temporary foster dogs. “Half way" houses such as Fionna's are invaluable to IAR and the animals. Without them scores of abandoned dogs and cats would not have been able to be successfully re-established into permanent loving homes.

Muriel looking so much happier!
As the weeks progressed Muriel settled and her glamorous coat was restored to its former glory thanks to a safe environment, much loving care, good nutrition and medication.

Although in good health once more, there was always a sadness about Muriel and she was always a little apart and aloof from her housemates and walked around with a tragic air that resembled a French Madame who had once been pampered and used to all the finer things in life but whose tragic circumstances had led to her decline in status.

But a solution was on hand and Fionna heard of a lovely local lady who had experience with the Pomeranian Spitz breed that Muriel belongs to. When Meera heard of Muriel's situation she decided to meet her with a view to adoption if the two of them hit it off.

Muriel and Meera
The moment that Muriel first saw Meera there was a complete transformation in her demeanour and if there was ever any doubt that a dog can smile, check out Muriel's grin in the "after" photographs... it's proof that they can!

The two ladies bonded instantly and finally that brilliant lustrous fan of Pom/Spitz tail began to wag with uncontrollable joie de vivre and has not stopped since. We were all so happy at the centre to be able to bid Muriel “Au revoir” and “Bonne chance”- she deserves it!

That’s all for now!

Olive x

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