Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Henri the Kingfisher

Hello hello!

Here at Animal tracks we seem to have had quite a few feathered friends visiting us lately. Our most recent temporary guest was young Henri the kingfisher.

Henri the Kingfisher was tinyHe came into the care of Animal Tracks as yet another tiny, lost and vulnerable baby who would surely have perished left on his own. But thanks to the loving care of the team here he not only survived against all the odds but positively thrived. Everyone helped to look after him but his main carers were Abby and vet Warren. Together they ensured Henri received constant nurturing and was gradually transformed from the awkward looking chick with a huge head into the beautiful bird he has now become.

I'm told kingfishers are quite shy and seldom seen in most of the western world but here in Goa we are blessed to have several varieties living alongside human habitation. Henri is a White Throated variety and they can often be seen around here as a blue flash of colour or patiently sitting on the power lines waiting for prey that can range from insects and fish to small mammals.

Henri the Kingfisher is all grown upI'm very happy to report that Henri has just flown off into his first sunset. There could not have been a better time for him to go as now the dry landscape has been transformed by the nourishing monsoon rains into a lush tropical wetland with an abundance of food to sustain him through his transition back into the wild.

I'm so pleased to share this happy story with you and Henri's flight back to freedom.

So until next time...

Love Olive x

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