Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Abandoned Ted has a rosy future ahead!

Hello again dear friends,

Here's a sad story with a happy ending - just the way we like them!

Ted was at first sad and confusedIAR Goa has a set of three "drop off" cages situated in the busy market town of Mapusa. The purpose of the cages is to give people a safe place to leave animals they can no longer care for and so prevent the suffering these poor creatures would undoubtedly endure if they were abandoned elsewhere. The IAR team collects them and brings them back to the rescue centre where everything possible is done to help them. And we resident dogs always play our part, giving them a warm welcome to reassure them that they are among friends.

Ted was one such animal left in a cage at Mapusa market. He was sad and bewildered and very frightened. He undoubtedly couldn't understand why he'd ended up there and feared what would become of him.

Ted and his new carer RoseSafely back at the rescue centre he was fed and cared for and all his physical needs were met. But, in spite of the best efforts of every two- and four-legged member of the family at Animal Tracks, Ted remained depressed and lonely. As he's not a feral dog there was no familiar place he could be returned to. He'd already been sterilised and was probably just a pet somebody decided they no longer wanted or could no longer care for. The only hope for Ted would be if a new home could be found for him where he could receive the love and the individual attention he so desperately needed.

Everyone worked hard to find Ted a home. Volunteers, vets and keepers asked all their contacts and showed photographs and at long last 'a friend of a friend' found a lady that was looking for a companion and Ted seemed to be a suitable candidate.

Ted, all smiles in his new homeRose came along to the IAR centre to visit and at first Ted seemed a little scared and wary and must have wondered once more what was going to happen to him. But, with kindness and soft words from Rose, at last I saw Ted show signs of happiness: his tail gave a hesitant wag now and then and hope appeared on his gorgeous face. They spent some time together and soon the friendship began to form and Rose decided to take Ted home with her.

So now they are beginning their lives together with all the help and guidance from IAR that all adopted animals and their owners are given. We wish Ted and Rose a bundle of happiness and are just so glad that Ted has found a kind and loving home. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!

Bye for now!

Olive x

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