Thursday, 2 September 2010

Pepsi is so sweet he's bound to be to someone's taste!

Dear friends,

We have entered the second half of the monsoon now and this means that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We're a bit funny over here you see. Just before the beginning of the monsoon we are all so fed up with the heat that we can't wait for the rain to come but at the end of the rainy season we are all dying for some lovely dry days with plenty of sunshine. I have a feeling this attitude is shared by most species.

We have encountered yet another classic case of abandonment. We see this way too often and it breaks my heart every time. This time it was this lovely dog - we've named him Pepsi - that was left outside our gates because obviously whoever owned him didn't want him anymore. At first our little centre dog gang gave him a rather chilly welcome. We don't like uninvited intruders so we tried to chase him away. Then we discovered that he was actually a helpless soul who had been dumped through no will of his own. A member of staff discovered him and realised that this was a situation where the poor fella needed help. He was not so easy to catch though. It took several attempts and methods of persuasion before he agreed to be caught.

Pepsi was in good health and spirits and he is now in our kennels waiting for a new home. Meanwhile our volunteers take time to exercise him and play with him. Needless to say he'll have to put up with the minor ordeal of being sterilised and vaccinated before he can leave us but I've made sure to tell him that it's not so bad.

Promise me you'll all keep your fingers crossed that we find a family for Pepsi. I hope to be able to bring you the good news soon that he has gone to a lovely new home where he never has to live with the fear of being abandoned again.

Love from me,

Olive x

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