Friday, 24 September 2010

Paulin protects his family from Sweetie protecting hers!

Hello all,

I hope that what I bring you today will turn out to be a little sunshine story but as yet this remains unknown. In any case what ever happens there are good parts to this story.

Sweetie and her pupiesSay hi to Sweetie. She's a young bitch who recently had a litter in the garage of a man called Paulin. Although Sweetie is a stray dog, Paulin didn't mind her taking care of her pups in his garage, so he let her be and even brought out a little food for her every day so she could stay strong and fit. Everything was fine until the pups started moving around. Sweetie became very protective of her little ones and started biting Paulin whenever he approached her. With children in the house Paulin didn't dare keep the little family in his garage so he called International Animal Rescue and asked us to come and remove them.

Sweetie and her pups were brought to the centre and were deemed to be in good health. As the pups are only a few weeks old they cannot be put up for adoption straight away but have to stay with their mother until they're a bit older. Sweetie has already been sterilised and as soon as her pups are ready to be adopted she will be released again. I'm sure Sweetie is happy not to have to endure any more births and Paulin is probably equally happy not to have to worry about finding her in his garage with a new litter!

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