Monday, 2 August 2010

Happy release for Manson the bull


There's never a dull moments at Animal Tracks, I tell you. The staff are busy all day every day treating all the animals that are admitted here and it's so great to be here to follow all the work that goes on.

Manson before the rope was removedLike the other day when Manson the bull was brought in for treatment. He was reported to have a maggot wound on his face. The call came from a local resident in the village of Guirim and immediately the ambulance was loaded with all the necessary equipment and five members of staff took off to try to catch him.

It turned out that the maggot wound was in fact a cut caused by a rope which had been tied too tight around Manson's muzzle. It was red raw and obviously very painful. Never the less, he wasn't going to make it an easy job for the boys. He kept running away and in the end he had to be darted with a sedative so he could be caught and transported to the centre.

When Manson arrived he immediately went under treatment to have the rope removed. Dr. Nikhil with the help of the other boys successfully cut the rope off and cleaned the wound. Luckily there were no maggots in the wound and no infection so as long as it is kept clean Manson should be good to go home soon.

I hate to think how long Manson has been wandering around in agony. It was very careless of the owners to tie the rope like that. I hope it won't happen to any of their other animals. Thumbs up to the staff for managing to catch him. Things can only get better for him now.


Olive x


sue said...

back in 2003 on my holidays in goa, the same thing happended to a bull at baga beach. after severeal intends animal rescue sent a vet to the beach, and all of us together, we helped the bull we then called ,rocky, because all happened next to rocky's beach shack. it was horrible, that rope was growing in his nosebone ower years, and nobody seems to care. I am sad to learn, that the same stupid things is still happening in goa. thanks to animal rescue ,rocky, enjoied life again, and I hope he still is enjoying life.

Anonymous said...
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