Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The cow with no name that was quickly cured

Dear friends,

I hear from trusted sources that the summer has been wonderful in Europe this year. Can't say that I can imagine what it's like over there but what I can say is that here it's wet, wet, wet!

Animal Tracks has turned into mud and although it is wonderfully refreshing with some water and a cool breeze the monsoon does bring with it a few problems too. The vehicle cannot access remote and rural areas as easily as during the dry season and it becomes more hazardous to move about for the staff working in the field. They are used to it though and are doing a great job.

Cow being carried by our staffLike with this cow that they brought in and saved recently. It is great to be able to say that she did not stick around for long enough for us to get properly acquainted so I don't even know her name.

The office received a call about a cow in Mapusa town that was lying down unable to get up and move about. The caller guessed that she might be pregnant and about to go into labour. Fortunately an IAR driver was already in the area and he went to investigate the matter. Upon seeing the cow he immediately informed the office that she must be brought in for treatment. He went back and collected a vet and one of the boys and without too much trouble they managed to bring the cow back to the centre in no time. She didn't need sedating because she was already weak and unable to move.

It turned out that she was not pregnant but suffering from an internal infection which was not too serious and could be treated with a course of antibiotics. Already the next day the cow was showing an improvement in health and within a few days upon ending her course of medication she was fit to be released and is now back home where she belongs.

Lots of love,

Olive x

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