Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Little orphan calf learns to cope with help from his friends

As I'm writing this story it is still unknown what the outcome will be but it's so heartbreaking that we’re all praying it will be a good one.

Orphaned calfThis little fella was brought to Animal Tracks with his mother a while ago. The mother had suffered an injury to her leg and what initially looked like a simple procedure and recovery soon turned from bad to worse because it turned out she was also carrying a serious infection which affected her internal organs and made her very sick. As this was unknown to the vets at first they didn't become aware of this until she was too sick to recover. Sadly she didn't make it and her little baby was left orphaned. He was so young and still depended on her. Sometimes in these cases a surrogate mother can be found but no other mothers were at the centre at the time so it was up to the staff to act like the new guardians.

The baby was given all the care possible and although he was doing well physically there was no doubt that he was suffering emotionally. All I had to do was walk up to his pen and look into his eyes to see how sad he was. It’s such a big world out there and facing it alone must be so scary.

The staff and volunteers have all done their best to ensure that the little friend has a gentle and safe start to life without his mother. Indeed all the centre dogs seem to do their bit too. We occasionally lie outside his pen and tell him about all the great things life has to offer and that all hope is not lost.

There are several possibilities with regards to his future. Maybe he can be released back with his herd. Maybe he’ll be put up for adoption and be taken care of by a local family who most probably will have other cows and bulls in their care. In any case he has to be fit and strong to cope with life before a decision is made.

I for my part will continue to try to cheer him up and I'll definitely let you know what happens. Fingers crossed my next story about this wee fella will be a happy one.

Woofs from Olive

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Emma said...

I just found this blog and have read all of the posts since the start. Some of the stories are so heartbreaking but I'm glad you guys are helping all of these animals out. I really want to come out to india in 2010 either before or after the summer, and will make IAR a must see place on my trip.
You guys are doing a wonderful thing!!