Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Celestial story from Goa

Dearest friends,

It's Christmas and I'm just SO excited! There’s always a special atmosphere at the centre during the festive season. Although there are both Hindu and Christian people working, everyone takes part in the celebrations and no one forgets the centre dogs so we get lots of treats!

Celeste and her pupsI want you to say hello to Celeste and her family. She was brought in just a few days ago because she had delivered her little pups close to a very busy road so there was danger the little ones might run onto the road and get run over.

Celeste now faces a few weeks at Animal Tracks because we cannot separate her from her pups until they are at least six weeks old and can be put up for adoption. The pups are only a couple of weeks old now so for now Celeste must be patient and wait. While she waits she will be sterilised so she doesn't have to give birth to any more pups.

It is strenuous for her to have to feed and care for so many pups and she needs her strength to survive as a street dog. I can tell you, that is a challenge even without pups to look after! I’ve been there so I know what a tough world it is out there.

With five little ones to care for her time at the centre will be hard. The staff do all they can to protect the family but with so many infections and diseases floating around, some of which are airborne, chances are that not all the pups will remain healthy.

Their immune systems cannot cope with it all and sometimes vets are forced to face the tough decision to let the strongest have the chance to survive and find homes and relieve the weak ones of their suffering. It breaks my heart every time. I feel so sorry for the mother who loses her baby but also for the vet who has to take the painful step. We must all remember that each case is unique and we have to maintain our vision and our belief that what we do is for the best in the grand scheme of things.

I was lucky I made it because I was very sick when I was brought to Animal Tracks and it was only thanks to the perseverance of the staff here that I am still here today. I really hope for the best for this little family. I will write to you again to let you know what happens with them all.

Love from Olive

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