Monday, 24 August 2009

Poor injured cow makes slow and steady recovery

Hello everyone,

Guess what...? I have another cattle story for you all. We nearly always have a full cattle pen at Animal Tracks because so many of these animals are hurt in road accidents or they get infections in their hooves and horns.

CowThis cow's injuries were a little out of the ordinary though. She was caught in a bit of clutch cable wire which had become wound around the top of the hoof and cut deep into the skin. It is unknown whether the cow had got caught in the wire by accident or whether someone had tied it around her leg on purpose as a sick and cruel joke. The injured cow was all the way out in the village of Sanquelim, which is almost a one hour drive from Assagao but luckily the person who informed the International Animal Rescue team was kind enough to go back and tie the cow to a tree until our ambulance arrived. If she had gotten away she would almost certainly have died from her injuries as an infection would have set in and caused her to suffer in unimaginable agony.

Injured hoofThe injury around the hoof was so severe that the cow has been under treatment since July. The wound is healing but it's a slow process and the cow must receive antibiotics for a long time to prevent any infection which would worsen the condition and could potentially be fatal. No owner has come forward to claim the cow and it is yet to be decided if she is to be put up for adoption or whether she can be returned to her location.

I will write again soon!


mila said...

Wishing her a prompt recovery, lucky to be rescued by such dedicated people, keep up the good work!

Olive said...

Thank you very much for your kind words and your support, Mila!

Olive said...
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