Monday, 17 August 2009

Happy ending for little burnt bull

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For some animals having an owner means you are cared for and safe from harm, or at least safer than if you were left to fend for yourself. Sadly some animals suffer even in the hands of their owners either directly - because the owner maltreats them - or indirectly - because the owner doesn't take action when the animal is in need of medical attention.

Young buffaloThis little bull, I never learned his name, was brought to the attention of International Animal Rescue because a passerby had spotted it wandering around with severe skin injuries. When the vet and drivers located the bull and examined it, it became apparent that the skin injury was in fact burns caused by either acid or boiling water having been thrown at it. This is not an uncommon way for local people to ward cattle off their property. I wonder if they realise the damage and pain they are causing. The animal may die from its injuries if left untreated and needless to say the agony is unbearable.

This particular bull was only around 6 months old and it was brought to the centre for treatment. As no owner could be identified at the time when it was picked up it was treated as a stray and admitted to Animal Tracks. He was such a gentle soul and took all the painful treatment really well. Even Nicky, who normally likes to flex his muscles in front of any new cattle at the centre, left him alone. I think he realised that this one was particularly sensitive.

Then suddenly after spending one month at the centre a person turned up at the centre claiming the bull to be his. He also claimed that the bull was receiving treatment at the time when it was collected by our staff but this quite clearly was not the case. He just didn't want to be seen as uncaring in the eyes of the centre staff, I think. He was informed he could take the bull home when the treatment had been completed but that he was expected to cover at least some of the charges for it. This applies to all owned animals when it is deemed that the owner has the means to pay.

The owner promised to come back and pay and collect the bull when it had recovered but when that time came he did not turn up nor could he be contacted. It was obvious he didn't want to foot the bill and equally obvious that he had no care for his animal what so ever. The bull was instead adopted by one of the centre staff and he now lives happily with the other bulls owned by his family. No doubt this outcome was the best this little fella could have hoped for.

Warm woofs!

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