Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Watching the birdies at Animal Tracks

Hello hello!

Well, we're going bird crazy at Animal Tracks these days. Not that birds aren't a regular occurrence - we often get sick and injured birds coming in and the team also rescues birds that are held in captivity illegally.

ParrotIn India it is illegal to keep any native wild animal captive without a proper licence. This licence is almost impossible to obtain and in any case a number of criteria to meet the needs of the animals must be fulfilled before such a licence is issued. According to the law the licence must be revoked immediately if the animal is found to be neglected in any way. Sadly the law is not enforced properly and many people keep native birds, monkeys and reptiles as pets. In Goa International Animal Rescue responds to reports of such animals and, with the help of the local Forest Department, the animals are confiscated and rehabilitated.

The parrot currently being cared for at the centre was found tethered in the back yard of a family home in a local village in north Goa. It had sustained a nasty wound on the leg from being tied up but with the care of our vets we hope that he'll be up and running (sorry, flying!) in no time.

KiteThe kite was found in a poor state and unable to fly. It was admitted to the centre and examined but so far the vets have been unable to determine what the problem is. There are no fractures or paralysis and the kite appears in good health apart from it’s inability to take off. Investigations continue and we are all keeping our fingers and paws crossed for this fella.

"What happens with the birds that can't be rehabilitated back into the wild?" I hear you ask. Luckily there are a couple of private places in the area that have built aviaries for such birds. These places have permission from the authorities to house them and checks are carried out regularly to ensure that the birds are kept in suitable conditions.

Must dash. There are monkeys on the roof of the kennels and no way am I gonna let the other guys have all the fun chasing them off!

Bye for now!

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