Monday, 18 May 2009

The Vagator menace

Dear all,

It's not often that I mingle with the cats around here. It's partly because most of them aren't particularly friendly towards dogs but also because it simply isn’t cool for a dog to be friends with a cat. It’s sort of frowned upon a bit in our gang.

the Vagator menace!Anyway, I happened to be lazing around nearby when this ginger tom arrived at Animal Tracks. He has been named "The Vagator Menace" because of the way he's been terrorising the village. He actually found his way into the house of two of the volunteers and attacked their old cat Clive. Apparently the poor thing hasn't been himself since. "The Vagator Menace" wasn’t that easy to catch though. It took several attempts with a trap cage filled with everything from mackerel to cat biscuits before he finally succumbed to the temptation of the goodies and went in.

I’ll be in loads of trouble with my fellow centre dogs if they find out I've said this, but the truth is that cats are extremely clever and not easy to trick into doing anything.

Olive chilling in the staff toilet"The Vagator Menace" will be castrated next week and when he's recovered he'll be released back in the village. Hopefully he'll settle down a bit but if not, who knows, we might see him at Animal Tracks again.

The heat goes on here in Goa and it is nearly impossible to stand it any longer. We are all praying that the rain may set in soon so the temperature will drop but until then we'll just have to do the best we can to stay cool. I'm in my usual spot in the staff toilet. The sun doesn't get in here at any time so the tiles are always nice and cool and most people have the heart not to kick me out even when they pay a visit.

I’ll catch up with you all again soon.

Woof woof!

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