Monday, 2 March 2009

A prickly subject

Dear friends

Tell me, what is your definition of a bad day? Being caught in bad weather? Having car trouble? For me it's when I can't get my coat shiny enough or when my twitch is a little worse than normal.

Dog with porcupine quillsMy point is that we are all very good at getting ourselves down over small things. Take a look at this poor fella - now he's having a really bad day! He came head to head with a porcupine near the jetty in the village of Chapora and boy did he pay for it. When the encounter became a little too 'up close and personal' the porcupine released its quills and some of them went right through the dog's flesh... ouch! Mission complete the porcupine scuttled off and luckily our driver got to the dog in time as his injuries could have caused serious infection - possibly death - if left untreated.

Porcupine quillsNow the vets have removed the quills and the dog is recovering well in the kennels. He has also been sterilised so hopefully his urge to test his strength against anything that comes within a yard of him will wane. I hope so for his sake, imagine what he may come up against next time. Could be something far more dangerous than a porcupine!

Bye for now!