Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Moses the bull

Hello again!

Most of you already know that many different kinds of animals are treated at Animal Tracks by the vets and staff. Most commonly it is dogs and then cats that are brought in but after them the third most common animals to be admitted are cattle. These could be anything from domestic cows and bulls to wild buffalo.

Cattle enclosurePicking up cattle for treatment can be a tricky business. First of all these animals are often huge and can be rather fierce if not used to human contact. When a report is received about a sick or injured animal like this the first task is to assess whether it can be treated on site. If not, how easily can the animal be caught and transported? A vet will always accompany the driver to the scene to assess the situation. Another obstacle can be to determine whether the animal has an owner. This is important because if the drivers take it to the centre without the owner's permission International Animal Rescue could get into trouble. It may also be that an owner is willing to assist with the treatment by tethering the animal and keeping it for the duration of the treatment or by making a financial contribution towards the treatment.

Moses thebullThis cute little bull is called Moses. He was picked up from Calangute with a nasty wound on his side. The wound had become maggot infested and could have caused severe infection if not treated. Luckily Moses is a good-natured bull and catching and transporting him was not a problem. He is also not too big so loading him into the ambulance was relatively straightforward. The wound has been treated and is looking much better. Moses is enjoying his time in the cattle pen with his new friends. He spends most of his time eating and chilling out in the shade but when someone pays him a visit he'll always find the time and energy to come up to the fence and say hello. He's also ok with all us dogs. We like rummaging around in the cattle pen and I think Moses quite enjoys our company. He's even managed to strike up a friendship with centre dog Nicky who normally goes out of his way to annoy the cattle at the centre just so he can have a bit of fun. Moses will be going back to his home shortly and hopefully he'll manage to stay healthy and happy.

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