Thursday, 27 October 2011

Shep beats the odds

Dear friends,

Everyone at Animal Tracks is proud of the amount of successful adoptions that regularly take place but generally those chosen animals fall into the cute and cuddly category. It's never easy taking on a disabled or sick animal that will need long term intensive care but for those who do these prove to be rewarding partnerships. Sometimes a human and an animal just mesh together and looks and condition have no bearing on the relationship and bond that forms.

Rescued dog Animal Tracks GoaAn Indian lady who has lived and worked in Finland had come to Goa to sort out the final details of her new home here where she is soon to retire. Whilst she was organising her imminent move she stayed in a hotel in one of the nearby coastal resorts. Beneath her balcony each day she noticed a dog in such a sorry state who looked up at her and touched her heart. She began to feed him and realised the extent of his poor condition.

She was already aware of IAR and the amazing work carried out at Animal Tracks so Shep, as she named the dog, was brought to the centre where the vets could assess him and decide what could be done to help. Poor Shep, although not an old dog, had obviously fallen on hard times and most of his once long coat was matted or missing and his entire body was covered in sores and mange.

Rescued dog Animal Tracks GoaAn old injury to a front leg would sadly permanently render him disabled but Shep had the brightest face and loveliest soft trusting eyes and despite whatever he'd been through, he still had faith in humans. It was decided that he should be admitted to Animal Tracks and receive intensive care and regular good food and affection. He had the best medication and enjoyed regular baths to sooth his skin and help relieve the irritation.

The lady returned to Finland in order to finalise her affairs there, but not before pledging to return for Shep and take him to live with her in her new home for the rest of his life which will no doubt be a very happy one. For the time being Shep is being pampered while he recuperates at a temporary foster home with one of IAR's long term supporters, but he will soon be reunited with this special individual who mercifully could not turn away and see him alone and suffering.

Olive x

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