Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A fond farewell to two dear friends

A somber 'hello' from me today. It's a sad fact that as time goes by we are all likely to lose a dear friend.

SubwayMost permanent centre animals come to stay with us because they are old or sick and have no other place to go, so it's understandable that from time to time someone passes away. But recent days have been touched with a double sadness as we not only had to withstand the sad loss of young Subway, our newest pack member, who passed away too soon after a battle with a disease that caused his organs to shut down, but this was also quickly followed by the death of dear old Plucky who was probably the oldest amongst the live-in dogs, and had spent her latter years in comfort.

PluckySubway had only been at the centre for less than a year but was a very special and well loved member of the family and also the official boyfriend of the infamous Peggy.

Plucky came to Animal Tracks many years ago. She had lost an eye and was already old and quite lame then, so she was taken in as a centre dog to be looked after for the rest of her days.

Both of these dear friends will be greatly missed by us all, but it's a comforting fact that, however short or long an animal's life is, if they are a member of the Animal Tracks gang there is no better place they could be.

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