Thursday, 6 January 2011

A pig and a python both have a lucky escape

PythonNow here's something you don't see every day! My story today is one where several animals and humans could have been seriously harmed but as if by miracle everyone escaped with none or just minor injuries.

The staff at Animal Tracks received a call one day from an officer with the Forestry Department, Sainath, who had rescued a python which needed medical treatment. Among many other things the Forestry Department rescue local wildlife and they often consult with the vets here at the centre so sometimes injured wild animals are brought to us here in Assagao.

This python had decided to have a medium sized pig for lunch but forgot to take the pig's owner into consideration when attacking it. As the python attempted to devour the pig the distraught owner was looking for any means to scare the python away and rescue his pig.

Python being treated for his injuriesThe only thing he had to hand was a knife which he stuck in the python's head! Startled - but alive - the python let go of the pig (which ran off alive but shocked) and the owner then quickly called the Forestry Department to have the injured python removed. Since the python needed treatment for the wound inflicted by the knife it ended up here with us where it is still undergoing treatment. Once recovered the python will be released back into the wild away from local villages and built up areas.

As you can see this story could have had a much graver ending. The pig could have died from the python's attack, the python could have died from being stabbed, and the owner of the pig put himself in a dangerous position by approaching the big attacking python. Phew! I'm glad this story had a happy ending for everyone.

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