Monday, 25 January 2010

Feathered friend pronounced fit and healthy

Hi there!

It had been a while since we’d had the pleasure of a visit from a feathered kind of friend. We’ve had a new aviary built on top of our surgery to accommodate all the birds that are in our care and that certainly is a step up from having very limited means to cater for them. Sadly this means I don’t get to mooch around and look at them as much as I used to. I’m not agile like some of the centre dogs so I can’t get up on the roof like they can.

OwlThis owl was brought to the centre from a resort in Calangute a few days ago. It had been sitting on one of the balconies and the occupier of the room had started to wonder why it wasn’t leaving. Maybe it had been injured? So she called us and the rescue team had no problems catching the fella and taking it to the centre for a check up.

When the vets had finished a good all round examination of the owl the diagnosis was... absolutely fit and healthy! They even tested the owl’s flying capability and nothing pointed towards physical or mental distress. After a good lunch and dinner the owl was therefore released into the woods in the evening.

Who knows why it had been sitting on the balcony for so many hours? Perhaps it liked it there... perhaps it had lost its way…or maybe it was just looking for a different kind of company, of the human kind, for a change. The main thing is that he is back where he belongs and hopefully happy to be able to settle somewhere else.

Love from Olive

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