Monday, 6 July 2009

IAR saves Boxer from callous owners

Dear friends,

You wouldn't believe how much it is raining here at the moment. It's like someone turned a tap on in the sky. It's not much fun for us dogs because although we don't mind getting a bit wet we obviously don't spend very much time outside. On the upside it's much cooler now so we can actually breathe again!

Boxer recovering from surgeryA few days ago Animal Tracks received a call from a family in the village of Saipem. They wanted to have someone come out and put their 10 year old dog Boxer to sleep because he was suffering from bad mange and had a severe ear infection brought on by all the scratching. They were advised to bring the dog to the centre and that an assessment would be made based on Boxer's condition. Meanwhile Boxer's owners called a private vet to come to their house and he told them that with time and treatment Boxer could return to good health. However the family obviously felt Boxer didn't warrant this kind of commitment on their part because they kept insisting that they wanted him put to sleep.

Boxer undergoing surgeryIn the end the only option was to pick Boxer up and bring him to Animal Tracks, as otherwise he was going to be left to suffer. When he arrived at the centre it was obvious that he was in a very bad state and in a lot of pain. Remarkably however he was in good spirits and wagging his tail at everyone. When the vets realised that Boxer's spirit had not been broken by his condition they decided to try to help him get well. First he needed surgery to clear up the ear infection. Then he'd need prolonged treatment for his mange and antibiotics.

The ear surgery has now been successfully completed and Boxer is recovering in the kennels. When he gets better he's going to become a member of our gang and I can't wait to welcome him into our group. I'm sure Tina and Boris will give him a bit of a hard time at first but hopefully he'll settle in ok. All that's left to say is shame on his owners for turning their backs on their faithful companion when he needed their love and care the most.

Love from me!

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