Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Welcome to my blog!

Hi there, my name is Olive Oyl and I'm a member of the family at International Animal Rescue's centre in Goa, India. You may have met me before - I've become a bit of a celebrity during the past couple of years - but in case you haven't, I'll tell you a bit about myself...

Me having a well deserved meal at the IAR centreI was picked up by an IAR rescue team in the town of Mapusa in the autumn of 2005 - just one of thousands of stray pups born in India and left to fend for themselves. I ended up at the local rubbish dump where I tried to stay alive by eating anything I could find that was remotely edible.

My chances of survival were slim - I'd been hit by a lorry as I tried to dodge through the speeding traffic on a busy road and was weak from the terrible pain in my leg. It’s hard enough to stay alive on the streets at the best of times, let alone when you’re sick and injured.

Luckily one day the IAR ambulance crew spotted me. By then I could hardly move and was lying curled up, waiting to die. But my rescuers gently picked me up and took me to the clinic in Assagao where I received immediate treatment and lots of loving care to get me back on my feet. Then - as if things weren't bad enough already - I became really sick with distemper (a viral disease that affects the nervous system and can be fatal). It's a highly contagious disease and staff at the centre were scared that I might infect the other dogs. I was kept all alone in quarantine and given loads of different medicines and a special diet to help me fight the virus.

On the road to recoveryI can't deny that my first month at the centre was really miserable. Not only was I frightened by the unfamiliar surroundings, I also had to undergo orthopaedic surgery on my leg, fight a lethal virus and deal with the fear and pain without knowing if I was ever going to get better. The staff and volunteers at the centre were great though. They pampered me and gave me endless cuddles and words of encouragement. I have to say I didn't like it much at first. I wasn't used to human contact so I was baffled by their constant need to pick me up and stroke me! But I soon learned what a nice feeling it is (and not just for the humans!) and I gradually craved more and more love and attention.

Enjoying life at the IAR centreToday I've recovered completely from all my illnesses. My leg is fine now - I can run, jump and play just like any other dog - and I managed to fight the distemper virus. I’ve been left with a slight twitch in my neck but I’m used to that now. If nothing else I find it gives me more pulling power when the cuddles are handed out. People can’t help but look at me and go "Awww….and who’s that little darling!?" I love it!

Anyway, enough about me. I'll be posting regular updates on the comings and goings at the centre. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting reading. There’s going to be loads of gossip about the dogs and cats and cows and... so check my blog regularly.

Bye for now!


eveanna said...

Oh My God,

You're as good a writer as you are a charmer...

You truly are the best host at the center- thanks for all the smiles when we have been there in the past. We look forward to many more.


Eveanna x

Kerry said...

You have a remarkable story which should be known to many! I wish you could warm the hearts and hopes of many in similar backgrounds to you. You obviously have all the pals to help you through this and maybe a new Mom and Dad to give you a home in future!
Keep the blog coming!

Michelle said...

Hi Olive. Good to see you looking and sounding (!!!) so well and happy. What a great idea to start a blog - we shall be following your news eagerly. We miss the centre and think of you all often. We feel like we have left a part of us behind in Assagao - so it won't be too long before we return to visit you all again. Must do some fundraising first so we can bring plenty of goodies !!! Big hugs and cuddles to you all and a special hello to Tanja, John, Mario and Krishna. Love Michelle and Simon x

Anonymous said...

Hello 'my' Olive. I was at the centre when you arrived and you were my special charge and gave you your name. I wanted to scoop you up and take you away with me, but now, after some awful times you have made it and look so good now. I have all those pictures of you, skinny as anything, all bones and bare patches, nodding head, shy and nervous and broken leg. Look at you now! xxxxxjudy

Anonymous said...
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Olive said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words! I love my new job and it's great to know that you think I do it well!